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The United States Army Sky Soldiers Precision Flight Demonstration Team is a dedicated team of veteran pilots performing at various events around the country in support of the Army’s recruiting efforts.

The mission of the Sky Soldiers is to demonstrate the Professionalism, Values, Training and Teamwork found in the US Army, and to inspire men and women to join the US Army and Army Reserves. The Sky Soldiers demonstrate “Army Strong” – the physical, mental, and emotional strength of all U.S. Army Soldiers.

The center piece of this multi-faceted new Army Recruiting program is a unique military helicopter demonstration team operated and flown by veterans utilizing the Army’s legacy AH-1F Cobra Attack helicopter. The Sky Soldiers are composed of an elite group of decorated, veteran military aviators and ground support personnel who have served their country, many with combat experience, from Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Team pilots have accumulated over 65,000 flight hours in military aircraft, 5400 combat flight hours, 10 Distinguished Flying Crosses, 9 Bronze Stars, and 130 Air Medals. The Sky Soldiers are one of the most flight experienced of the military demonstration teams.

The Team’s performing four AH-1F Cobras, painted in the U.S. Army’s signature black and gold, perform an awe-inspiring routine that demonstrates the dynamic maneuverability and capability of the attack helicopter and the skills of the Army Aviator.

The Sky Soldiers offer two distinctive aerial programs. The featured aerial program is designed for premiere air show presentations. This aerial program is a hi-energy, 20-minute "up close and personal” professionally narrated performance of legacy Army attack helicopters performing intricate, precision team tactical and parade maneuvers that excite and stimulate the imagination. The program is distinctively different from other military aerial demonstration teams. The Sky Soldiers aircraft never leave the immediate frontal view of the audience and perform at extreme low levels while featuring thrilling special effects of pyrotechnics and specially designed aircraft smoke systems.

The Sky Soldiers also support Army aerial pageantry events of special interest. These programs feature unique aerial performances designed for ceremonial openings, military recognitions, formation flybys, and specially tailored precision team demonstrations of various formats and time lengths.

The premiere aerial performance by the Sky Soldiers Demonstration Team is only part of the new attraction presented by the U.S. Army. The Army exhibit area will focus on the opportunities available in today’s Army and will feature sophisticated “hands-on” and realistic interactive exhibits and displays. One of the Sky Soldiers Cobra aircraft will be on display in the Army exhibit area manned by members of the performing Team.

“The Cobra aircraft we will display in the Army exhibit area is one of the Team’s performing aircraft that is used during the aerial demonstration,” states Mike Brady, President of the Sky Soldiers. “The majority of the Cobras in our demonstration have seen combat duty and all of our pilots are highly experienced former military Cobra pilots with the majority having combat experience in the Cobra as well. Everything we show the public is real. Real military aviators. Real Army aircraft. Real combat flight maneuvers taught to today’s Army Aviators. This is the real deal, and it’s a great example of Army Strong. We represent the physical, mental, and emotional strength of all U.S. Army Soldiers.”

“We are excited to be part of the Army’s recruiting team,” states Brady, “If our efforts help open people’s minds to the possibility of serving our country by joining the Army, we would be doing even more good for our country than we could have imagined. We are proud to be able to serve our Army and country again.

Members of the Sky Soldiers have performed more than 90 public performances before 8.5 million people over the past eight years with an impeccable safety record. Their highly acclaimed military “living history” aerial demonstration has served as the organizational backbone for the new Demonstration Team the Army has chosen to sponsor.

The Bell Helicopter AH-1F Cobra used by the Sky Soldiers was developed as the first helicopter designed from inception with an attack mission. The Cobra first saw service in Vietnam in the late 1960s. After the Vietnam War, the aircraft was continually modified and upgraded to meet the needs of the Cold War in Europe and was the precursor to the Apache attack helicopter serving around the world today. The “Cobra” continues to enjoy a place in history as a result of its distinctive role on the modern battlefield. The AH-1F Cobra aircraft of the Sky Soldier Demonstration Team have been fully restored by the volunteer members of the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation. These aircraft carry on the tradition of the AAHF to preserve authentic, flyable examples of Army aircraft and utilize them in military “living history” presentations so the symbols of American’s military legacy may always remain in our skies for future generations.

The AAHF was founded in 1997 as a Section 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational foundation whose mission is to connect the American soldier and veteran to the American people as an admired and accepted member of the American family. The AAHF provides America’s veterans a voice with which to tell their story and the tools with which to share their legacy of service and devotion. The AAHF has been recognized by the US Congress and US Army for its support of the military and the fostering of patriotism. The Sky Soldiers are the public presentation organization of the AAHF.

If you would like to learn more about the opportunities available in the US Army, go to; [link]

im doing cobra version as wall
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