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Colonial Viper mark II by bagera3005 Colonial Viper mark II by bagera3005
Viper Mark II

This article discusses the older, generally obsolete Viper-class fighters seen in the Re-imagined Series. For information on the advanced Viper Mark VII from the same series, see Viper Mark VII. For the Viper used in the Original Series and in Galactica 1980, see Viper (TOS).

The Viper Mark II was the Colonial Fleet's primary space superiority fighter / attack craft during the initial Cylon War. 40 years later, they are used by Galactica to effectively combat the Cylons and their more advanced fighters during the exodus from the Twelve Colonies.


Capable of atmospheric flight, the Viper Mark II is a single-seat craft possessing two kinetic energy weapons (KEWs). Hard-points beneath the wings allow missiles, munitions pods and other ordnance to be mounted (The Hand of God).

The Viper Mark I entered Colonial service shortly before the outbreak of the Cylon War.[citation needed] However, it is this Mark II variant (designed specifically for use with the Colonial battlestars) that has garnered the most recognition. The fighter served with distinction throughout the Cylon War, proving to be a capable fighting vehicle and winning renown across the Twelve Colonies; the Mark II is regarded as instrumental in ensuring that the Colonials did not lose the original Cylon War [4].

The Mark II remained in service after the end of the conflict, but was subsequently superseded by newer models. At the time of the Cylon holocaust, the sleek Mark VII is the front-line variant of the Viper design. It retains the Mark II's general layout, but utilizes fully networked systems to provide superior battle management and combat information for the pilot.

Seemingly similar to the Cylon Raider in performance as well as weaponry, a Mark II is capable of holding its own against many times its number of Raiders in the hands of a seasoned pilot. Galactica's Viper contingent regularly fights off large Raider wings; in one particular instance, Kara Thrace defeats eight Raiders almost single-handedly (Act of Contrition).

Main article: Computers in the Re-imagined Series

Mark II main instrument panel

As part of its use in the Cylon War, the Mark II was initially designed to resist Cylon attempts at disabling or damaging its flight controls [5]. Given the number of analog gauges and controls, its likely that the Mark II was intended to be flown entirely without computer assistance in fear of compromise by an electronic attack. Nevertheless, a simple computer to manage the flight systems is present in the cockpit, assisting the pilot's Mark One Eyeball. Some gauges, such as the altimeter, are used only in atmospheric flight.

Main article: Weapons in the Re-imagined Series

The Mark II's main weapon are two wing-mounted cannons. Additionally, it can be equipped with several missiles, carried under the fuselage ("The Hand of God", "Home, Part II").
Fore, side, top and aft views of the Mark II

The Mark II is a long, sleek vehicle with specialized features for space attacks, reconnaissance, and atmospheric flight.

The fore section comprises the nose back to the cockpit. Located there are the forward RCS systems for maneuvering the craft; the forward landing gear; the main avionics and sensor packages and the single-seat cockpit.

The stern comprises the main engines, numerous RCS maneuvering jets, fuel tanks, wings and vertical stabilizer. The wings themselves contain the kinetic energy weapons, their munitions storage and feeds. Mounting points beneath the wings allow missiles, munitions pods and other items to be rack-mounted (The Hand of God).

The wing's roots contain the main landing gear, retracted during flight. The Mark II's shape is distinctive because of the offset "intakes" mounted just behind the cockpit. The port / starboard "intakes" incorporate small but powerful reverse thrust engines that can quickly counter a Viper's forward momentum in an emergency

Viper Mark II
Class: Viper Mark II
Crew: 1 Pilot
Weapons: 2 Kinetic Energy Weapon

Support and fighter craft: None

Specifications Dimensions
Main Hull: Length (8.4082m)
Height (2.7247m)
Wingspan (4.7168m)

System: 1 x Voram VM2-D15 upper turbothrust engine
2x Voram VM3-D22 turbothrust engines
2x reverse thrust motors: RCS points
Other Information: Armaments 2 x MEC-A6 30mm Thraxon forward-firing kinetic energy weapons
(KEW) mounted in the wing roots with 800 round magazine, Dorsal storage bay for 8 x
HD-70 Lightning Javelin missiles (optional 50 megaton nuclear warhead)[1], Weapon
hardpoints for mounting missiles / munitions pods, etc. under the wings
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The Viper is a timeless sci-fi warplane design --- from a design standpoint, it simply "looks right".
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