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FFR-41MR-FRX-00 Mave by bagera3005 FFR-41MR-FRX-00 Mave by bagera3005
FFR-41MR/FRX-00 Mave

UAV prototype designed to replace the Super Sylph and human pilots for tactical reconnaissance, during a test flight, the Yukikaze AI is transferred to the FRX-00. In order to control this AI, a cockpit and limiters were installed for human use. Its equipment consist of a 20 mm Vulcan cannon, 6 hardpoints, (2 in the rear fuselage and 4 in the wings) and one hardpoint for jettisonable fuel tank under the fuselage. The FFR-41 also has a device on board that causes its skin to begin glowing and flashing in the same manner as a JAM fighter, which makes it difficult for JAM units to recognize it as an enemy unit (essentially, IFF spoofing).

An interesting facet of the Mave's design is the complete separation of the primary lifting surface from the main body. The forward swept wings are able to rotate 360 degrees on a free-axis joint against the primary airframe (theoretically allowing the Mave to pivot its payload at low-airspeeds in any direction up or down). The wings also have the ability to rotate 40 degrees downward, parallel with the body or up to 100 degrees upward, inward against the body. By using a combination of the two, new aerodynamic profiles can be created, such as the total inversion of the primary wing surfaces from a forward swept wing to an upside down configuration of delta-wings (As seen in episode 4). During this, it shouldbe noted that the same weapon rails positioned beneath the wing are also positioned above the wing so the loadout of the Mave can potentially be increased a further two though this would result in new stress problems for the air-frame. These overwing stations can be dual-rail pylons unlike single-rail on past fighters like the English Electric Lightning or the SEPECAT Jaguar. In addition two small stations are alongside the center station which can be used for two short range Air-to-air missile. In a pure Combat air patrol mission 6 short range missiles, 4 long range missiles, and 3 fuel tanks can be equipped.

For reconnaissance missions it is equipped with several optical sensors arranged under the main fuselage, a homage to the RF-4C Phantom II.

For special missions a solid-state laser pod was developed for the unmanned FRX-99 Rafe which can be modified for the Mave if needed.

* Accommodation: Two (FFR-41); Zero (FRX-00)
* Length: 18.0 meters
* Wingspan: 14.52 meters
* Height: 6.28 meters
* Weight: standard takeoff weight 11, 860 kilograms; maximum takeoff weight 34, 220 kilograms
* Powerplant type: FNX-5011-D-20 Phoenix Mk XI turbofan x 2, later refitted with FNX-5011-D[VC] x 2
* Powerplant output: 10, 220 kilograms; afterburner 14, 930 kilograms
* Speed:
o Cruise Speed: Mach 1.75 (altitude 17, 700 meters)
o Maximum Speed: Mach 3.3 (altitude 17, 700 meters)
* Fuselage Load Limit: 9 G +
* Maximum altitude: 24, 800 meters
* Armament: 20 mm Vulcan cannon x 1; 1 x wet center station; 2 x off-center stations; 2 x wet inner-wing stations; 2 x outer-wing station; 2 overwing stations
* Fuel:
o Internal: 9,000 lb (4,100 kg)
o External: center fuel-tank 4,700 lb (2,100 kg); wing fuel-tank 3,000 lb (1,400 kg)
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vpmedia Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
Its flyable now in the IL-2 1946 flightsim game as a user made mod
TricksterGod Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2009
nice illustration's I always loved the designs of the Yukikaze anime good job
enders2174 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2008
This is an awesome aircraft, we should start building these birds instdead of the f-22!
BlacktailFA Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2008
Another FRX-00 layout well done!
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