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Shinsei Industry VF-25S by bagera3005 Shinsei Industry VF-25S by bagera3005
Shinsei Industry VF-25S Messiah

Technical Data

Equipment Type: variable fighter
Government: Strategic Military Services (SMS)
Manufacturer: Shinsei Industry/Macross Frontier Arsenal Original Development/L.A.I.
Introduction: unknown.
Operational Deployment: 2059.
Accommodation: pilot plus passenger
# Battroid Mode: height 15.59 meters (includes head lasers).
# Fighter Mode: wingspan 15.5 (fully extended); height 4.03 meters; length 18.72 meters.
# GERWALK Mode: unknown.
Mass: 8.45 metric tons.
Structure: assumed space metal frame, SWAG energy converting armor
Power Plant: two Shinsei Industry/ P&W/ RR FF-3001A Stage II thermonuclear reaction turbine engines.
Propulsion: 2 x 1,620 kN (maximum thrust in space); many x P&W HMM-9 High maneuverability thrusters
# Fighter Mode: at 10,000 m Mach 5.0+, maximum speed due to heat-resistance limit of the fuselage.
g limit: maximum airframe design load 27.5g
Design Features: 3-mode variable transformation; variable geometry wing; capable of attaining unassisted orbital velocity over an Earth-class planet; ISC (Inertia Store Converter): Shinsei Industry Macross Frontier Arsenal / LAI Company self-development specification ISC/TO21; active stealth system antennae; chaff/flare/smoke discharger system; thrust reverser equipped with three-dimensional maneuvering nozzles; cockpit designed for EX-Gear equipped pilot.
- Armament -
# 4 x fixed Mauler RÖV-217C coaxial 12.7mm beam guns (mounted center dorsal section in Fighter/GERWALK mode, becomes head turret in Battroid mode)
# 1 x Howard GU-17A new model 5-barrel 58mm gatling gun pod with retractable cover to provide air cooling for the barrels (mounted ventral fuselage in Fighter mode, in arm manipulator for GERWALK/Battroid modes)
# 1 x standard bulletproof (anti-projectile) shield (mounted center rear dorsal fuselage in Fighter mode, mounted on arm in GERWALK/Battroid modes)
# 2 x Remmington ES-25A 25mm high-speed machine guns
# or 2 x Mauler RÖV-25 25mm beam machine guns (mounted left/right of intakes in Fighter/GERWALK mode, on rotating hip mounts in Battroid mode)
# 1 x AK/VF-M9 Assault Knife, 1.65m, super strong material reinforced by pin-point barrier system (mounted under left arm shield block)
# 1 x pin-point barrier system
Bombs & Missiles:
# 4 x underwing hardpoints for mounting anti-ship reaction missiles or Fold Speakers.
Optional Armament:
# High-maneuverability Super FAST pack system
# or Full Armor System (deployable in all modes)

Description and History

Nearly as much throwback as it is next generation, the VF-25 Messiah is the new variable fighter developed independently by Shinsei Industry/ Macross Frontier Arsenal Original Development/ Macross Frontier fleet's L.A.I. Designed from the YF-24 prototype, the Messiah was built as the potential successor to the VF-171 Nightmare Plus, the main variable fighter of the New UN Spacy still in active service as of 2059. The offensive weapons of the VF-25 are many, being armed with a new model gun pod, multiple sets of beam cannons and an assault knife housed inside the shield block. The VF-25 utilizes a shield and pin-point barrier system for defense, but is also equipped with a new Inertia Capacitor (ISC) and EX-Gear system which supports the pilot by reducing the effects of acceleration. With this new ISC/EX-Gear system operational, the VF-25 is capable of more mobility and combat capability beyond the limits of manned maneuvering.

By far the most impressive capability of the VF-25 is the valkyrie's amazing operational versatility, owing much to a design philosophy similar to that of the original VF-1 Valkyrie. The Messiah is designed for multipurpose deployment as fighter craft, attack craft, fighter/bomber, reconnaissance and command/control craft for unmanned combat aerial vehicles (Ghost fighters). The VF-25 achieves success in these varied operational roles by exchanging modules, which allow different pilots to utilize the mission specific characteristics of the customized Messiah unavailable in the standard model. The VF-25 customized configurations include the VF-25G designed for sniper operations and the RVF-25 with enhanced electronic warfare capabilities. The Messiah is also able to deploy with a high-maneuverability Super FAST pack system or a Full Armor system, though unlike the VF-1 Valkyrie's Armored system, the VF-25 Armored parts permit full transformation without ejection. The VF-25 Messiah has not yet been adopted by the New UN Forces, but has been mass produced by the Strategic Military Services (SMS) for field testing in real combat scenarios.

Additional Trivia List:
# Currently, the VF-25's Full-Armor system is limited to S.M.S. squadron leader-use.
# Full-Armor VF-25 is as fast as standard VF-25, but substantially slower than VF-25 Super-Pack
# The VF-25 transformation system allows for a smoother and quicker transition from Fighter->GERWALK->Battroid than in previous generations
# Combat performance is equivalent to the VF-19 and VF-22 series.
# According to Kawamori, the VF-25 is a deliberate attempt to move away from the silhouettes of current real-world fighters, which are dominated by an emphasis on (passive) stealth. He also notes that since this is the first major Valkyrie that transforms in all modes with its Armored parts still attached, he gave the unarmored fighter a slim profile. He thinks the VF-25 resembles a slimmer VF-1 Valkyrie in Fighter mode, but transforms like a VF-19 Excalibur.
# The name Messiah was chosen from a fan contest and in-universe is considered a pet name for the VF-25
# VF-25 developed jointly between Shinsei Industries and LAI. Based on data from the YF-24 Evolution that was a project of Earth NUNS to replace the VF-171.

Production Notes

Debut: Macross Frontier, Episode 1
Pilot(s): Ozuma Lee
Other appearances: none.
Original mechanical designer: Shoji Kawamori
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That is so awesome. You know the VF-25 was design for the 25th Anniversary of Macross. Just love this new VF from Macross Frontier. Awesome colors.
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