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July 21, 2008
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XFA-27 by bagera3005 XFA-27 by bagera3005


his aircraft is officially the first Namco "Super Jet" of the entire Ace Combat Series. It first appeared in Ace Combat 02, though it must be unlocked by the player when they play and defeat the game on EXTRA Mode. The XFA-27 now re-appears in Ace Combat X: The Skies of Deception. It's design is still the same as it's Cousin in AC2 and an official codename has still not been given to the aircraft.

The XFA-27 is the first Fighter to use Variable Geometery Swing-Wing Technology, Stealth Technology, Advanced Weaponry systems and a new propulsion system, which is still classified and has never been re-created. The inital version of the XFA-27 (seen in AC2) had a weapons system which allowed it to fire Four missiles, back to back.

It's Propulsion uses classified Technology and possibly Fuel. Judging by it's extremely small Turn Radius and Acceleration, it's Thrust to weight Ratio is thought to be extremely High. This is also thought because of it's unusual Afterburner Flame color, which is a Deep Blue color, which may indicate the intensity of the heat being given off. It's unique after burner color and capability to fire four missiles, rather than the standard two are the XFA-27's signature.

It's Cockpit does not use COFFIN Technology, like most Advanced/"Super" Aircraft seen in world history, but uses a unique, un-convnetional, Glass Cockpit. This cockpit removes all front panels, within the Cockpit and increases the pilot's visibility by a considerable amount. In a sense, this is another way to increase battle effectiveness, rather than installing COFFIN Technology.
[edit] Ace Squadrons/Pilots

-Scarface One/Scarface Squadron (FCU/AC2 & ACX)
[edit] Weapons

-Gun:1 x M61A2 25mm Vulcan Cannon
-Missiles:AIM-9M Sidewinder (Capable of firing up to 4 missiles at once)
-QAAM:AIM-9X Sidewinder (ACX)
-ECMP:ALQ-99 Jammer Pod (ACX)
[edit] Stats (Ace Combat 2)

Power: 100
Defense: 100
Mobility: 100
Stability: 70
Climbing Ability: 100
Air-to-Air: 100
Air-to-Ground: 100
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